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Day Trips

Jabel Shams, Misfa & Nizwa

Allowances: Picnic lunch, water & soft drinks
Your Views are

  • Jabel Shams and the Grand Canyon
  • Nizwa Fort & Souq
  • Wadi Ghoul
  • Al Harm
  • Misfah

Jabel Shams is also the home to weavers of heavy woolen rugs in distinctive Red, Black and Brown geometric designs. The old capital boasts of 17th century built Round Tower Fort, with its impressive size (the central tower is 24 meter high and 27 meter wide), as well as the traditional soup, where the locals trade traditional ornamentals like hand carved Khanjars, silver jewellery' are the main attractions of Nizwa.

Passing by Wadi Ghul, a farming village in the mountain range, continue our drive to the highest point of Oman over 3,000m above the sea level, offering a spectacular view deep down to Grand Canyon of Oman.

Nizwa al of interior & the birthplace of Islam and also the former capital of the Sultanate of Oman.
The mountain is having a cool weather all year around and offers a refreshing step to your visit in Oman.
Will have a photo stop at Al Hamra(Mountain of Sun), one of loam villages in Oman, where remains of ancient settlements still can be seen. 400 year old mud houses still awaiting for your arrival.

At Least driving through Winding Roads reach “ Misfah”. Return to Muscat relaxing and enjoying the Scenary.